The bridge to nowhere...will soon go somewhere

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The bridge for Alice's Road (in Waukee) and 105th Street (in West Des Moines) has been approved for an interchange with Interstate 80. Long-time residents of West Des Moines might have a hard time swallowing the fact that West Des Moines street numbers now far exceed those of the City of Des Moines and are now approaching what used to be those of western Clive. But that westward expansion is now creating the incentive to make traffic out west more palatable, and while Waukee just hopes to have some kind of development spring up on the forthcoming Interstate access corridor, the mayor of West Des Moines says he's just happy that people will soon have a north-south travel alternative to Jordan Creek Parkway (74th Street).

Waukee is challenged commercially in the long term by the fact that the Interstate curves away from it -- so there are portions of Van Meter and De Soto that are more easily reached from West Des Moines via I-80 than most of Waukee.

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