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How much snow?

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The National Weather Service has a lot of details about how much snow has fallen on Des Moines this year, and how much of it has stuck around for how long. But the real metric that matters is how much snow has fallen so far this winter, versus the amount that's fallen in any other winter...

1. 52.4 inches in 2009-10
2. 50.6 inches in 1885-86
3. 46.1 inches in 1904-05
4. 43.2 inches in 1983-84
5. 41.0 inches in 2000-01

And now there's more snow on the way this weekend. Yippee.
The National Weather Service says that there's a 96% chance that the Raccoon River will go through at least some minor flooding in Des Moines this spring, and an 86% chance that the Des Moines River will do the same. Time to batten down the hatches -- especially if there's any meaningful rain this spring.
There's an inbound snowstorm that's supposed to drop another 2" of snow on our heads today, so the normal rounds of parking bans are falling into place. West Des Moines has imposed one from now until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, which means it's likely Des Moines will be doing the same soon enough. Des Moines has an interactive map showing the progress of snow removal all over the city.

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