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The winter weather this year has felt extraordinarily bad, but it's hard to tell whether we're just imagining our oppression -- especially since it's been almost a year since the last round of winter weather, and that intervening year included tornado season. But the kind folks at the National Weather Service have confirmed our victimhood this year: Only once has there been more snow in Des Moines in December and January than we've had this winter, and only twice have we gone longer with snow on the ground.

Seriously, Nature: Knock it off.
In case you're looking for abundant political fun to be had this weekend, your options are aplenty. Those hoping to find out all the gory details of municipal budgeting can sit in on the West Des Moines city budget workshop starting at 8:00 on Saturday morning. And then, if that hasn't fulfilled all of your hopes and dreams, you can migrate to your precinct caucuses to help set the Republican or Democratic party agendas for the state in 2010.

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