Media cuts leave former KCCI anchor jobless

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Jeanette Trompeter was a popular anchor during her tenure with KCCI, the CBS affiliate in Des Moines, until she took a job a few years ago to work at WCCO in Minneapolis. The WCCO job, by all measures, was a big step up -- Des Moines is the nation's #71 television market, and the Twin Cities are market #15. And the job change probably came with a hefty pay raise, even though she spent most of her time anchoring the less-watched 5:00 newscast. But due to a downturn in advertising revenues, WCCO is making some big budget cuts, and Trompeter has become one of the jobless as a result. She'll land on her feet somewhere, of course, but people tend to feel a strange sort of closeness with their favorite TV anchors, and Trompeter undoubtedly was a Des Moines favorite while she was here -- which accounts for the attention her departure from WCCO has already garnered from KCCI, WHO, and the Des Moines Register.

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