Election time: One week to go

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Municipal elections are coming up next Tuesday (November 6th). Here are some of the candidates:

Des Moines Mayor:
  • Frank Cownie, who's already mayor, and who (inexplicably) allowed www.cownieformayor.com to lapse
  • Diana Newberry, a 34-year-old who previously ran for the governor's office as a member of the preposterous Socialist Workers Party, which it remains difficult to believe still exists. Marc Hansen seems puzzled that no one else signed up for the race. I'm going to remain puzzled why anyone still thinks Fidel Castro is getting things right.

Des Moines City Council At-Large:

Des Moines City Council Ward 2:

Des Moines City Council Ward 4:

West Des Moines City Council At-Large:

West Des Moines City Council Ward 2:

West Des Moines Parks Commission (three open seats):

The list of contested races is short, but we can always hope that people will show up to vote. The more voters participating, the more legitimate the outcome of the vote.

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